Reign of Filth (EP)

by The Whole Truth

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Bathing in oil pools Sunlight bringing death to us Chemicals in the air Liquid death on our crops Junk food clogging our veins Disease spread 'cause it's cheaper No hope for the working slaves The ones at the top poisoning all Reign of filth Money made on our health Luxury born of our cancers Medicine overpriced Parasites eating our world Laughing at our pain Forever wanting more Putting their stain on everything The ones at the top shit on our souls Reign of filth We are of no importance Numbers in a file Utter insignificance Something to be defiled From birth to death in shackles Lungs filled with garbage This is a losing battle It's forever their age Reign of filth
Coming for us all bathed in holy light Bringers of the world to fight the good fight They've taught us to know what is wrong and right They've erased our wills and our insight Our Insight They've erased our wills and our insight Our Insight We've learnt not to care about being free We've learnt to forget we're bending the knee Locked in an everlasting shopping spree We belong to them there's no way to flee Behold the prophets of profit Slaving away with no regrets Ruling the day we are their pets Gods of today fueled by our sweat Holding the pay no need for threats We're building their empires We're granting their desires Worms crawling in the dirt Not knowing we are hurt Trash covering the earth We are enslaved from birth You shall buy more Prophets of profit
Meat Market 02:42
Towering above Pissing on our souls from their ivory towers Stealing flesh and blood Buying body parts to replace their own They’re feeding on our children’s corpses They prove anything can be bought They’ll stay young forever thanks to Our hair our skin our eyes Our eyes They are stealing our eyes Soulless capitalist pigs Lining up the poors for the slaughter Proclaiming themselves our kings Greedy bastard motherfuckers We are their meat market They snort the powder from our bones Filthy rich old cunts having group sex on our graves Their time will never end This is a war we’ve lost They laugh and show our teeth Drinking champagne while we all rot Our fists in the air for nothing We’re just livestock We are their meat market
Hopeless 03:47
We thought we had a chance to win this We thought there was a way to turn the tide We thought their ruling could be dismissed We thought there was a way to regain our pride We tried to counteract their poison We tried to make them get out of our heads We tried to define new horizons We tried to stand proud on our legs But it was hopeless Hopeless Advertisement blinding our eyes Toxic smokes in the sky Forgetting to live, eyes on the prize Intelligence denied Being controlled through labor every day Giving the sweat from our brow Earth turned into a giant ashtray Unable to disavow It's Hopeless Hopeless Attention spans growing shorter and shorter Kids addicted to screens The wage gap getting bigger and bigger True rulers staying unseen There will be no uprising There will be no reckoning There will be no rebelling There is simply no saving us No saving us Forever slaves, forever doomed, forever craving until the tomb Hopeless


Debut EP from Nantes/Rennes deathgrind act The Whole Truth


released November 7, 2018

Edwin : guitars, bass
DM : vocals
Mikko : drums
Mix & mastering by Spearhead Sounds
Logo by Antonin from GMX Design
Lyrics by Aurelien Fouet-Barak


all rights reserved



The Whole Truth Rennes, France

Deathgrind from Nantes/Rennes - France

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